Vern's Self Storage 1100 Skyline Rd. Laramie, WY 82070 (307) 460-5627
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Anonymous 11/01/20
Recommend: Yes

Anonymous 10/18/20
Recommend: Yes

Anonymous 10/10/18
Recommend: Yes
Thanks again and I hope you have an available unit next time I need one. I've rented several different storage units over the years and I have never had such a good experience. Usually people are cranky and difficult and rather shady. You are none of those things and so helpful and kind...I don't usually write storage companies thank you notes but here it is

Mason 08/25/17
Recommend: Yes
Above and Beyond Care
I work for a transportation company that recently had an issue that got thrust on Vern's. Christine has gone above and beyond in coordinating with us to assist in the resolution of this issue, even when she had no obligation to do so. I can't say enough about how much she has helped. If I were in the area, I know who I'd trust with my things beyond a doubt.

Anonymous 12/07/15
Recommend: Yes
This a rebuttal to the previous review. I have rented here for several years and have never had anything but a pleasant experience with Vern's. The staff was always been more than helpful and go out of there way to make sure my unit is in good working order. They even used their company vehicle to take me to Wheatland to get the last of my stuff.

Disatisfied Jane Doe 12/06/15
Recommend: Yes
With a warning: clean facility, unprofessional and grumpy staff
The office manager ranges from unprofessional to downright rude! I found their customer service to be severely lacking, odd since their logo is a smiley face. Nothing but attitude here! I will be looking for a new storage facility ASAP!